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5 easy steps to make your closet eco-friendly

Fashion is a big part of everyone’s daily life. Waking up in the morning wondering what you are going to wear, and when you look at your closet, the last thing you think about is how unsustainable it can be. Do you even know where your clothes are made? Where do they come from, and how they create tons of carbon dioxide before they even touch your skin? On a Sunday evening, you are resting on your cozy couch, drinking some wine and clicking on the “add to cart” button on your favorite website. It is too late, you have made a purchase. You don’t really know what is hidden behind your today‘s outfit that you are going to share on social media. The positive note is that you can make a big change and help the environment that is drastically changing, by doing simple things with your clothes.


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6 dark lipsticks to rock your lips for fall

As you update your closet each season, you modify the way you make up your face. Your skin tone is different every month of the year, your lips need to change too. Dark lips are the go-to for fall…