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What I do to be cozy!

You often wonder what to do on week-ends, when it rains, when it snows and that you don’t want to go outside. A little moment just for a week-end to get your work done, but what we all actually want by this wheater is to chill and take care of ourselves. I have 4 ideas to suggest you, things that I do and that are according to me the best ways to have a perfect cocooning moment as in fall as in winter.

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My 10 must-have Gucci bags (+ outfit ideas)

We all dream about having a Gucci bag on our wrist, don’t we? Personally, it’s my case. Sometimes (often, actually), I love going to the Gucci website, on the bag category to look at the new freshly came out models of bags. I have done a selection of my 10 must-have Gucci bags to shop urgently, enough to turn your head upside down. Well-matched with any outfit which will pass for any occasion.  Lire la suite…


Roger & Gallet oil will make you sublime

It is now part of my morning routine. It lightens the complexion: this majestic oil awakens and lightens your skin and makes it fresher to start the day well! It promises you to take care of your skin all day long and to clean and eliminate every impurity accumulated in a day. This oil promises even more but what I know is that this Aura Mirabilis cure is completely made for me.

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Selection Zara: off the wall and accessible

ZARA, the temple of the off the wall and accessible fashion industry. Just for you, a selection from its new collection so that you can be ready for the next season: autumn. Just for you, I’ve selected some major pieces of clothes for the next season. Either long, short, with faux fur or faux suede and some colors which will help you to have an autumn that won’t be as sad as the end of the summer could be.

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