Currently crush: the return of the hair clips

It is everywhere on the web, you can see these little accessories on everyone’s hairstyle. I have been invited to all fashion shows, I talk about hair clips of course. These accessories that we were used to wearing in our childhood to hold our long hair and not only, they were also easily misplaced. But now it is the hair clips’ return, and this time there are pearls, glitters, and diamonds! They are now trendy accessories for a fashionable outfit. 

Why are they useful? 

Made officially to hold your hair in your head, hair clips have been reinvented for every public. They are fashion accessories that add something to your today hairstyle. If you don’t like to style your hair or don’t have time in the morning, a hair clip and that’s all there is to it. You can discover now pretty ones with white pearls, glitters, and strass. Golden, sober and simple or oversize with a wild pattern, this is how the brands understood it. 

Take the example of these beautiful Gucci hair clips:

Photos Source: Pinterest

Presented on every models hairstyle during the 2018 Cruise show, it is now on everyone’s hair, stars and intagrammers. They rushed on them. The price is $400 and you can finr it here. It is composed of resin and real crytals. Here is some inspirations you can take for how to wear it.

Pearls and gold

It won’t be enough to say that white and gold are the most perfect combo, before the black&white. This is examples of hair clips that will be perfect for a uniform complexion. Hair clips are sufficient unto, there is no need to put a necklace or earrings, let the hair clips do the job!

The Originals 

How to wear them? With multiple hair clips in the hair it is better ! Vary the styles and mix the trends. The first one with pearls and the second marbled or with strass, why not? dare the WTF.

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