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On July 6th, 2017, the famous couturier Zuhair Murad introduced his Couture Fall-Winter 17-18 collection. A collection that we can qualify as an invitation into the designer’s universe. He literally blows us away with these very feminine and modern looks. Material and forms are incredible on these 54 models all as inspiring as elegant.


Majesctic collection and multiple inspirations

Zuhair Murad brings us, again, in another world with this sumptuous collection. He represents the elegant woman by playing with materials which he is used to working with: feathers, lace… without forgetting fluidity, transparency, and harmonization of all, which shows that the designer as a true artist. With this brand new collection, Zuhair Murad makes us travel in different universes, crossing age

s and cultures. He links these universes with very detailed models, with first a woman who can be qualified as “model”, wearing flared and loose pants which take possession of lightness when she walks. Satin reveals women as confident just as the black and white colors which complete each other, the perfect mix for a perfect woman.

There is also the “dominant and formal” woman in this collection with the use of black color and a textured layout. Zuhair Murad combines the satin of flared pants and a top which will be more transparent and chicer, a not surprising but obvious contrast. In fact, he wants to show that the woman can remain feminine while not wearing a dress. He opts for transparent details which hits the mark on an outfit. A split skirt in the center which reveals just enough is mixed with a top made of beautiful lace which, makes the formal woman a little less authentic that she suggests, this is what we call the control of femininity. Women dare to show themselves with long pants and to reveal the color of their skins. Associated with a cape, the dominant woman is well and truly here.

Zuhair Murad brings us to Greece once again. The crown in the hair and on the waist and the golden color are here without forgetting the floral patterns embroidered with pearls with care, makes the woman a true Goddess. V-neck and “taken in at the waist dress” will highlight the best points of the woman and give her a lengthen and elegant silhouette. Zuhair Murad’s creations don’t miss of thin embroideries controlled with fastidiousness which gives to the golden tone creations, a power of seduction. Yes, the designer was well and truly inspired by a Greek Goddess and wanted to reproduce an irresistible woman thanks to what she wears. The golden color highlights the color of the skin even 

more if the transparency is there and that’s a piece of luck, Zuhair Murad has realized this wish. Thin and transparent sleeves will fill perfectly with a loose dress bottom. And why not adding some pink feathers on the silhouette? You can feel that lightness in all his models and this is why you are so blooming when watching them.

Since Zuhair Murad will never do without colors, pastel is there as well in this collection, more and more beautiful. It is full of blue and purplish-blue which makes these models so highlighted. Mixed with satin and velvet, this is the perfect combination to put this color in relief.

He adds a range of frills, made with blurred material which will break with the blue color. From rising feathers to very thin off-shoulder collars, you can’t say that the designer is not playing with lightness. 

There can’t be any majestic collection without the grand finale: the wedding dress. Dressed with her thick wedding veil which goes down to the dress, the woman feels confident and ready to be engaged with a large-scale dress. In fact, in this collection, the designer saw a victorious bride in a puffed-out dress full of feathers and precious details. The curves create value for your waist as if the woman knew what she wore and wasn’t afraid to show it. 

A subtle and sensual woman

Zuhair Murad invented the goddess woman, very dominant with these 54 creations as surprising as new. The subtle and sensual woman is presented with noble details, you can find feathers, frills, lace, silk, satin, velvet but especially fluidity and harmonization. The sensual woman is as present in a pinkish dress as in a black item with a transparent detail, as if Zuhair Murad wanted to show a different vision of women.

He has the knack of doing the perfect symmetry with his creations provided with surprising details, the Lebanese creator has brought his native land in his art by putting his own touch which makes this collection as magic as the previous ones. Because these models are all taken at the waist, women bring out with a fineness and a subtle delicateness. They are seen as dominant and model. Elements that Zuhair Murad adds in this collection such as frills, give them more volume and with the centering of skirts and high-waists pants, more modernism. Moreover, the addition of materials as on the collar gives more volume to the creations too and also to the woman who wears them. Nevertheless, the designer wants women to feel more comfortable and better in what they wear even in a slinky dress provided with a million sparkling pearls. As if the elegance went with ease and delicateness for a Fall-Winter collection. 

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