My 10 must-have Gucci bags (+ outfit ideas)

We all dream about having a Gucci bag on our wrist, don’t we? Personally, it’s my case. Sometimes (often, actually), I love going to the Gucci website, on the bag category to look at the new freshly came out models of bags. I have done a selection of my 10 must-have Gucci bags to shop urgently, enough to turn your head upside down. Well-matched with any outfit which will pass for any occasion. 

My Gucci bag selection

1.Marmont, 1 790€ /2.Lilith, 2 980€ /3.Nymphae, 1 590€ /4.Sylvie, 1 980€ /5.Broadway, 2 490€ / 6.Dionysus, 2 750€ /7.Marmont, 1 390€ /8.Sylvie, 2 690€ / 9.Signature, 1 490€ /10.Padlock, 1 590€

Collections are multiple at Gucci… with even more colors and models that are available for you and you love that, don’t you? Obviously, I would pick all of them but this selection can go with many styles and outfits, anywhere and anywhen. With a chain or pearls, these bags as small as big make your outfit so lively. 

The Marmont collection, mythic, we all love it with this groove pattern and this metal double G. As a backpack or as a chain bag, we want them all in all the possible colors and all the sizes because it is so simple and so cute.

Dionysus, a combination of wilderness, antique and Greece which gives a wild effect to the outfit. The little two-headed snake is a big symbol of Gucci. Jeans, stitches, and white is the perfect trio for me to be worn with this bag. Embroidery, glitters, flowers or letters, dozen of patterns are as different as original but the model remains the same, isn’t it fantastic? 

Elegant, modern and sophisticated, here is the Sylvie bag. Its little golden chain permits to be recognized in a thousand, it dresses up the bag with perfection. With dozens of colors, it must be beautiful and be in harmony with all the outfit you want to wear. Sneakers or heels, a dress or vinyl pants, as you want, this bag which will make you look like a boss woman can be adapted to everything.

Why don’t we stay in the same wild spirit with the mythical snake which joins the upper part of the Lilith bag? Python effect guaranteed. It can be worn as with tartan patterns as a beautiful red color: why not revealing your long legs? 

Sober and elegant, the beautiful colors of Nymphäe permits to stay simple with simple apparel. Jeans, small heels, a cute top and that’s it. Gucci dresses you up with the bag.

These bags’ details will make you fall in love. Pearls wherever you want, a beautiful metal bee decorated with white pearls and its chain or strap, will transform your simple oversized pull-over to an elegant stitch pull-over for winter. In many colors, you can, once again, wear it with whenever you want… your own style! 

Padlock is declined with Signature, it is the typical example of the chain bag that we all love: small but does a good job by itself. Well-matched with the same color or on the contrary with an opposite color, let your mind be your inspiration. With Gucci, there are no rules. 

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    Gucci bag designers are one of the best designers one could think of purchasing. Reading this article definitely has given me a new perspective. Any product from Gucci can be trusted and that is why i love them. You are never going to regret purchasing any Gucci product I surely would be glad if you read

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