Roger & Gallet oil will make you sublime

It is now part of my morning routine. It lightens the complexion: this majestic oil awakens and lightens your skin and makes it fresher to start the day well! It promises you to take care of your skin all day long and to clean and eliminate every impurity accumulated in a day. This oil promises even more but what I know is that this Aura Mirabilis cure is completely made for me.

This oil and its composition

This two-phase oil, in other words, composed of two heterogeneous parts which have an even more important role combined, has 18 natural essences. They are used to brighten your skin, make it smooth, relax it… and they do their jobs well. Its opening, super useful, permits to dose the product and I can tell you that you will even want to drink that water. A lemon flavor captive us directly, the freshness is completely there. But this simple water hides a secret, the recipe of this fresh water had been made by great perfumers, perfect alchemy between a fragrance and a natural care. You can find dozens of ingredients as natural as beneficial. You can find for example:

  • Alcohol to purify the skin.
  • Glycerin which has an activity of plants that will take action on the moisturizing of the skin and make it silkier.
  • Vinegar has detoxification properties.
  • Salicylic acid which permits to renew the skin cells.
  • EDTA disodium helps for impurities.
  • Dimethicone serves for sensitive skin to be able to test the product.

And even more…

Essential oils and extracts:

    • Jojoba oil helps to moisturize the skin.
    • Passion fruit oil has antioxidant properties due to the acidity of the fruit.
    • Macadamia nut oil nourishes deeply the skin and regenerates it, so it prevents from the apparition of wrinkles.
    • Apricot oil stimulates the microcirculation and brings radiance, it fights against aging thanks to vitamin A.
    • Coriander oil naturally rich in antioxidant thanks to its relaxing properties, it decreases the skin’s stress.
    • Orange and Lemon oil clarifies the complexion and removes all the impurities and infections.
    • Geranium oil brightens the skin and is also known for its odorous properties, it drops off a floral perfume on the skin.
    • Peony extract gives a radiant complexion, protects from the stress which avoids the light to reflect on to look healthy.
    • Sandalwood essential wood is a natural lightening which will eliminate the spots, acne, and blackheads. It will thus clean up the epidermis and relax your face’s muscles
    • Blackberry extract, which purifies the epidermis and hydrates profoundly. Thanks to its vitamins A, B, C and E and the fibers given by its pips, it’s an excellent anti-wrinkle.
    • Sunflower oil with its vitamin E and its omega-6, it’ll be perfect for dry skins and hydrate them.
    • Bergamot orange oil, which is an antiseptic which will help with healing. Bergamot orange essential oil has even been used by a perfumer to create the “aqua mirabilis”, known today as eau de Cologne.
    • Lemongrass, which is an energizing and antibacterial product.
    • Moringa oil, coming from a miraculous tree which products the most searched oil in the world. With its anti-aging attribute, it also prevents from blackheads, spots, and dark marks to appear. But that’s not over. It also fights against tiredness and oil secretion produced by your skin.
    • Palmarosa essential oil, a powerful antibacterial, generally healing et regenerating your skin.
    • Michaelia alba or magnolia essential oil will improve your skin at night but it is mostly used for its perfume and the softness created on your skin.
    • Orange tree essential oil, which has several properties: it appeases, cools off and tones up the skin. It will also hydrate and soften. It corresponds to all skins but is mostly recommended for dry, sensitive and/or fragile skins. Its high amount of flavonoids (which regenerates the skin) makes of this little white flower a powerful antioxidant and a perfect anti-wrinkle.
    • Lavender essential oil is a perfect anti-aging which helps to regulate your skin’s sebum. Goodbye, shiny skin!
    • Rosemary essential oil tones up the skin rid it of acne, wrinkles and fight fatigue.
    • Thyme essential oil with its purifying properties is generally used to take care of greasy skins. Thanks to its antioxydant attributes, it is also a wrinkles remedy.
  •  Rose essential oil is rich in fatty acid, that is to say, omega-3 and omega-6. Rose oil contains vitamin E, vitamin K, and vitamin A. So many nourishing and antioxidant properties which hydrate and protect your skin from aging.

All the natural ingredients were selected in the most beautiful gardens in the world for their rare or delicate scents and their beneficial properties. For example, ginger was collected near Rajasthan palaces, the orange wood near the Alhambra gardens in Spain. The product’s odor makes us travel near to the gardens of lemon or orange trees on a fresh night of summer.

This oil is commercialized in all pharmacies. You could also find it in some commerces as a Hudson’s Bay or Scarlet & Julia. This oil costs only $25 and you can buy this product here. I don’t think that there is a travel size in order to test this wonderful product but I do tell you that it worth it. 

My usage

I use this oil twice a day: in the morning to wake my skin up after having washed it, obviously, and on the evening after having washed it as well, in order to remove all the residues of the day and to have perfect skin before going to bed. It is important to do it in the morning to give brightness to your complexion and to make it even more tonic before putting a primer on it. Also on the evening to make your skin purified and to disinfect it because it is during the night that your skin works more consequently, the product will have a better effect at this moment.

It is advised to apply this oil for 4 weeks minimum to have good effects. Obviously, you first need to test the product on a little area of your skin to check if you don’t have any allergic reaction to the component.

On a little cotton disc, pour a bit of the product that had been mixed before and then, dab it on your face. Refrain from spreading the lotion, it could cause red patches which will certainly be unpleasant.

Then, let the product having an effect on your skin, it will take action immediately as soon as it dries. Say goodbye to greasy skin! On the long term, you’ll see a less tired face’s skin, with fewer wrinkles. A more relaxed skin can only be loved.

My results

Only good results, why? Just because this oil is magic! After having tested it for about 3 weeks, I can certainly tell you that it works. From the first use, you can see a slight change concerning the quality of your skin. The grains feel thinner and the skin is smoother, pores are less visible. The face becomes bright and with a fresh favor, the greasy skin is eliminated and the evening there isn’t any bacterium. During the application in the morning, I like to associate the freshness of this water with an eau de toilette in the same tones… “Urban Verve” from H&M will be perfect for this (see photo above), it’ll add a touch of freshness and it is perfect on winter time!

Roger&Gallet laboratories, located in France, don’t do things by halves when it’s about taking care of your skin. Their diversified range will give us care of any type of skin and for anybody. Roger&Gallet does have a solution for all of your skin’s problems since they have owned, in 1693 the secret of the aqua aurabilis, discovered by an apothecary. It’s miraculous water with distilled medicinal herbs which can cure your body. Armand Roger and Charles Gallet inherited this fabulous recipe in 1862 and have never stopped creating the most beautiful framed bottles and to enhance women thanks to its captivating fragrances, as for this product.

As it is my first Roger&Galler product, I wanted to test the quality, and I haven’t been disappointed. I want to thanks this brand so much for having trusted me to test this amazing product, I’ve been won over.

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