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The best 5 bags that we will all want for this summer

Big or small, our shoulders ought to wear a bag. Expensive or not, original or basic, it is the item that you need in your wardrobe. The 2018 bags that every celebrity will have in their hands for this summer are in this article. Chanel, Dior, Balenciaga and so on. 

Number 1

Karl Lagerfeld, designer of the Chanel house is a real genius. He combined electronics and fashion, the best combo for our modern world. He has created a bag with colored Leds to create the message you want, a real unique bag because it is personalized, only by you. You will “just” need $7 011 to have the Boy LED Clutch, and it worth it.

Number 2

The It-bag you have to wear, the most modern shape in 2018, the triangle. This Shuffle S bag, a simple shape, a simple color but an elegance that will catch all the looks in the street. Different colors, the same logo, the same iconic image of Balenciaga.

Number 3

Cult Gaia, $170-$220

Wood Grey, $119

Made of wood, these types of bags are completely new and reinvented. For the beach or to walk down Melrose Avenue, this bag is perfect and will match with every cozy outfit, bring it to the Coachella festival, girl! The Zara one costs only $36,91 and the round-shaped one from Wood Grey is $119. 

Number 4

Have the head in the stars with this little Prada bag. Don’t you want to be noticed? You will because it is so beautiful and so tiny that everybody falls in love with it. You can get the Prada Cahier here.

There is nothing more powerful than flowers in the world and I believe it. So flowers on a bag is better, isn’t it? You will spread heat all around you and it will give you the perfect style. Transparency is so cute, and the red flower pattern represents that Japanese spring which will make you travel. The white Bershka bag is so natural and pure that it will dress you in a wink.

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