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What to do in New York City during winter

If you ask me why you need to visit NYC during the coldest season, I will simply answer that this city is a wintery city and that everything is more magical in winter. I explain everything to you in this article. 

First of all, concerning the activities, you could do there are a lot of choices. New York has a lot to offer you, the more basic is to go ice-skating. It exists three most known ice rink:

This one is THE most known rink. You will be able to dance on the ice at the foot of the giant illuminated tree. It is the smallest of the three but the best for its spirit. It is a very beautiful place to skate on, in front of the colorful fountains. Only, the waiting time is a bit long and you will have to wait in the cold, you definitely need a coffee in your hand to wait, that is perfect timing because there are coffee places everywhere around it. The rink opens at 8:30 a.m and closes at midnight every day, with sessions of 1:30. Allow $25/$35 for adults and $15 for kids under eleven and $12,50 only for renting the skates. You can also take VIP pass that gives you the possibility to skate from the opening of the rink, plus admission for the Top Of The Rock building, what an incredible view of the town up there. 

Located right by Times Square, this rink is situated in the middle of the Christmas market of the park, this is what makes it a charming place. Another good point of this rink is that it is FREE. Yes, free, you pay only $20 for renting the skates. So the best is to bring your own. This rink is opened everyday from 8:00a.m to 11:00p.m until March.

In the middle of Central Park, this huge rink cannot be unseen. It is very spacious and welcoming, surrounded by trees and buildings. It is opened from 10:00 a.m to 11:00 p.m for most of the days. You need to pay $8,50 for adults and $4,50 for kids, plus $7,50 for renting the skates.

What is better than taking a hot chocolate in a café for getting warmer? All the cafés will be decorated and welcoming, and you can find them all around the city. In Madison Avenue in the Upper East Side, I discovered Bel Ami, it is a French café located on 68th Avenue. It is quite small but very welcoming. You can order all kind of coffee and french patisserie (bakery) such as Macarons that American are mad about! Let yourself go to cafés with beautiful front windows, they will all make you feel better in this winter period. They will suggest you specialties such as Pies or Cinnamon chocolate. 

The activities you have to do in NYC for Christmas time are the Christmas market, mythical! The most known is in Bryan Park, around the ice rink. The unknown brand comes here to install their beautiful cabins to make your experience unique. You will discover small jewels creators or small café. You will be able to taste food from all around the world cooked in front of your eyes. Buy a pretty handmade Christmas ball for your tree. This market will ends on January 2, plan to see it for your next trip, it worth it!

If you want more, there is another one in Grand Central until December 24 and the good point of this one is that it is covered. Another one is at Colombus Circle, at the corner of Central Park. It is very pretty and is opened until December 24 too. Everywhere you go you can find a market and they are all more beautiful than the others. I advise you to go at nightfall, when the lights turned on, the experience is even more magical.

There is nothing more beautiful than snow in New York City, even more, if there is a view with it and in nature surrounded by urbanism. In NYC snow is less frequent in December than January and February when winter is installed. This is why if you see snow during your trip, do not hesitate to make a detour in Central Park. When the lakes are frozen and the squirrels do not show up anymore, it is the sign that winter is finally here and that you will be able to appreciate all the beautiful landscapes covered by the snow. Do not hesitate to take the cable car of Roosevelt Island that has a view on the park, there are departures every 15 minutes and cost only the price of a metro ticket ($2,75) without MetroCard ($1). 

If you have thought about planning to book a hotel room, take the “with view” option. And if it is snowing outside it is even better. It is something to do no matter what season you choose, but if it snows you ought to take a view over the city or a park. With a perfect breakfast, in bed or not, you will spend the best days of your life. Personally, I booked a room in a hotel near Times Square called the Fairfield Inn & Suites of Times Square. Unfortunately, it was not snowing but the hotel was very splendid. The view was amazing, maybe not the most incredible of NYC but it is well located and the decoration for Christmas is beautiful. Everything is even more perfect with Christmas song.

For you girls, s’il y a bien une période pour faire les magasins à NYC c’est dans la période de décembre/janvier. Pourquoi ? Car les plus grandes enseignes comme Macy’s, Lord&Taylor et Bloomingdale’s ou encore les chaines de fast-fashion comme Gap, h&m ou Forever21 font des soldes gigantesque. Et quand je dis gigantesque je suis gentille. J’ai été choquée des promotions tout simplement. Vers la fin des soldes ils font des promotions telles que “-60% en plus du prix réduit”. Ça ne s’arrête pas à un simple “tout à -60%” mais c’est bien plus. Le meilleur pour faire de belles affaires ? C’est les enseignes qui ferment, c’est triste à dire mais les grands magasins qui ferment offrent des promotions incroyables. C’est simple, tout ce qui est dans le magasin doit être vendu rapidement. Ça va des meubles à la caisse enregistreuse en passant par chaque petit bibelot. Pour ceux qui veulent des meubles à moindre cout c’est ici qu’il faut aller. Je suis donc allée dans le Lord&Taylor de la 5ème avenue qui à fermé, un monde de malade comme dans les films qui se battaient pour attraper la paire de chaussures qu’il fallait. Pourquoi tout ce cirque ? car une robe Versace à $2000 passait à $100. Voilà pourquoi. Et vous aurez droit à des promotions rares telles que -30% sur le stand Chanel. Seulement il faut venir au début sinon vous trouverez que des grandes tailles pour les vêtements ou les teintes que personnes n’aiment au rayon beauté. Je n’ai personnellement jamais vu des sacs de shopping aussi remplies que dans ce magasin. Dans une ville grande comme New York, il y a de fortes chances pour qu’un magasin ferme quand vous êtes dans les parages ! 

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