Who is Heyliblou?

Hey there, my name is Laura, I am a 23-year-old girl, who think big, different and full of positivity. I have an English degree and I am currently a beauty editor. I have joined the bloggers’ community in 2015. As I’ve been in love with fashion and beauty for a long time, and the idea of creating a blog did not crossed my mind before. Arthur Genre was here to remind it to me. So he pushed me into creating this amazing blog elaborated by himself with my ideas and my tastes. In this one you will discover my passion for fashion and beauty which is a thing that really inspires me. Make up also, which represents for me an artistic creation of our own spirit and not only a simple color which gives to your expression a different aspect.

Yet, I love traveling as well, discovering things and having the feeling of learning in order to share my experiences with you. My life is made up of dreams, like everybody, isn’t it? But like everybody I also have a thing which permits to me to escape this world, to feel good, which is photography. As we know: catching the light in a heartbeat is for me an art of expression and of sharing too. An instant of life which is engraved for ever. I’ve been practicing photography for a long time and I also have read a lot of books dealing with the different aspects of it.

When I really began to want a blog I did not want to do something quite simple but something new, even if you will tell me that I’m inspired by a lot of these other fashion blogs. Consequently I will give you a different vision over the world of fashion bloggers. With big projects, this blog have permitted to do what I love, talking about fashion and beauty, about my world in my words. I hope you will enjoy the content of this blog and maybe make you want to do the same. It is up to you to go, go ahead !

For me, creating my own blog is the beginning of an adventure, my own adventure !

My photographies and editings are protected by a copyright, you do not have the right to take it without any permission.

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