6 Free Templates, confinement edition

Days are very long and exhausting when you are looking for something to do. We all have a million things to accomplish but you don’t know where to start. You can download for free six templates that will help you. Share them with your comunity on social medias, even friends to stimulate them to be motivated by giving your ideas during this period of time.

Have fun

A cute GIF is never too much, tell us what are your activities of today by choosing the best animation. And finish with your best quote that motivates you whenever you want to do something.

A difficult choice

To choose, is the only choice. Describe what you really are when you are confined at home for weeks. Finish with your favorite activity.

Back to “normal”

After the confinement what are the first things you are going to do? Are you missing some of your old habits? What are you going to eat, buy, wear again?

Do more, every day

Just a simple list of what you have to accomplish in 24 hours, that will give some ideas to your community and friends so they can show you in return what they have accomplished. And you, don’t forget to stay motivated so that you can check everything at the end of the day.

Think positive

Every day wake up with positive thoughts and write in those squares what make you happy and positive.

And for after?

Find 10 things that you absolutely have to do after that confinement, whenever you are free to go wherever you want. Opening my company, take karate classes, stop watching Netflix. Any ideas that are good for you need to be on this list.


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