A life without accessories is not worth it

Accessories are just like this picture: simple and efficient. These little things that make your outfit perfect thanks to ornaments, those details must be a priority for your outfit. A pair of golden earrings when you are in a bad mood, a green scarf around your neck when all you wear is black. How can’t you wear a bag; a pouch or any accesories when you go outside? Life is more fun when you wear all those items which can seem useless… 

Anywhere, anytime: a bag on your wrist. A little pouch with a strap, crossbody bags have made their come back, I swear! A simple and essentiel object of your life. Even empty, you don’t know when you will need it. Maybe only for your phone, indeed, but it is still a fashion accesory. It is the essence of what you wear. It has to reflect your outfit, your personality, your mood. Small ones, transparent ones, made of fur, made of wood, big ones or colorful, it is the must-have of an outfit. A bag is for me the best fashion item. Impossible to go outside without one, it is obvious. 

  1.  Bag with Wild pattern (New Look), 19,95€/ 2.  Black chain and stars bag (Zara), 49,95€/ 3. Brown crocodile bag (Zara), 39,95€/ 4.  Python Bag (Zara), 19,95€/ 5. Round nude bag (Zara), 39,95€/ 6. Black crocodile bag  (River Island), 33,95€/ 7.  Green half-moon bag  (Faith), 30,95€/ 8.  Round fur bag  (New Look), 19,95€ 18,00€/ 9.  Chain bag with strass (Zara), 39,95€ 

How can you give your outfit something special? Add a belt to it! A real motto. The original concept is to hold pants but now it has been reinvented. It is an essential fashion accessory that doesn’t hold only pants now. Close your coat with one of these marvels. Accessorize your most beautiful skirt with a gold chain belt. Grasp it around your waist!  Marking my waist is now a principle for me. It can change radically your outfit. For those who have a rectangle morphology, belts are the perfect accessory for you. They will give you a boost to all your sweaters, jackets and coats.

  1. 3 layers of gold chain belt (Asos), 19,99€/ 2. Scale & buckle belt (Glamorous), 11,49€/ 3. Letters belt (Valentino), 48,99€/ 4. Nail belt (Glaomous), 13,99€/ 5. Black and gold belt (Asos), 24,99€/ 6.  3 thin belts (Asos), 13,99€/ 7. Chain and coins belt (Asos), 30,99€/ 8.  Golden buckle belt (Asos), 16,99€ 

Perfect creations for your ears, fingers, wrist and your neck. Naked parts which can be accompanied by perfect elements. It is now, you have to dear the colors, shapes, and textures. Jewels are accessories that can take all shapes and can be worn by you. Blue, square or triangle, the bigger the better! But don’t abuse, to know how to manage an accessory is a real challenge. 

1. Golden waves earrings (Zara), (12,99€) 5,99€/ 2. Links necklace (Bershka), 9,99€/ 3. Blue square earrings (Bershka), 7,99€/ 4. Round earrings (Zara), 12,99€/ 5. Pink hoops (Bershka), 7,99€/ 6.  Golden with shells choker (Bershka), 7,99€/ 7.  3 hoops (Bershka), 7,99€/ 8.  Bundle of golden rings (Bershka), 7,99€

With or without sun, sunglasses, we wear them! Multiply the colors and the shapes for more visibility on the beach. You have the latest pair of sunglasses, this is your time to shine. Sunglasses can go on every face’s shape. Take the pair that correspond the most to you and say goodbye to tired eyes, they won’t be visible for anyone. 

  1. Scale sunglasses (Bershka), 9,99€/ 2. Cat-eye Sunglasses (ASOS), (16,99€) 4,99€/3. Purple Sunglasses (River Island), (19,99€) 9,49€/4. 3 colors sunglasses (ASOS), (19,99€) 7,99€/ 5. Black metal sunglasses (Zara), 25,95€/ 6. Round brown sunglasses (Quay Australia), (54,99€) 32,99€/ 7. Scale sunglasses (Jeepers Peepers) (33,99€) 22,99€/ 8. Round pink Sunglasses (Jeepers Peepers), (24,99€) 11,99€/ 9. Aviator Sunglasses (ASOS), (16,99€) 4,99€/ 10. Pink Sunglasses (ASOS), (19,99€) 8,99€

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