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Cojean: the good address in Paris

Addresses are always good to take to discover some new places and when you travel and you don’t know the city well. They are best to take if they include food, aren’t they? This is why I want to share you today a Parisian address which I love: The juice-bar Cojean.

In love with juicy bars

Yeah, I’m really in love with juicy-bars and when I went to the French Capital, I immediately went in search of a nice bar. Know that they are not really “bars” like pubs but they are called like that in France… I have been searching on maps the address of juicy bars and I have found this one among others. I didn’t know this chain, which is yet very popular because just in the capital there are just about twenty of them. I wanted to discover this brand so I walked to the n°66 of Rue de Provence and I pushed the door of this juicy-bar open 6 days a week (from 8 am to 7 pm) and I am not disappointed, really.

When I entered that place, I was astounded by this absolutely beautiful design, a classy and quite fresh interior, totally what I love! Indeed, mirrors on the walls and pale-colored seats made me love this place. I went there for breakfast and everything was clean, there was nobody, but the welcome was there. This juicy bar offered all sorts of magazines to skim during the degustation to customers: a touch of originality which makes you in a good mood (magazines always make everybody in good mood, don’t they ?)

Healthy Paradise

For some years, healthy food has become my daily food, I love making me juices, special recipes as you can find in Cojean’s products with delicious ingredients to change the routine. Yeah, let’s speak about their products for a second! They offer a large choice of recipes and that’s what you love! This food is 100% handmade behind, in the kitchen with cold products that they prepare in the morning. 

Recipes are really varied. They offer pasta salads, fruit salads, mixes of vegetables, cheese desserts, fruit dessert and of course, juices! What is good is that the consumer can take what he/she wants in these giant fridges which permit products to stay fresh and cold even if they were prepared 10 minutes before. The consumer has also the choice to eat on site or to take away.

Ingredients present in the product are written on the label and also pictograms which permit to represent a quantity. For example, what quantity of meat, cereals, vegetables are inside it. And if the product contains lactose or not, etc. without forgetting the number of calories per portion and its weight! It is a good point which permits to know what you eat.

On the menu

Here is an example of a menu (which is not complete): you need to know that the chain changes regularly its recipes. The menu is quite complete and diversified. Cojean offers many sorts of products in the same flavor range. You can find colorful sandwiches, vegetarians plates, delicious toasts, cold deserts, and tasty cakes.

For me, I have chosen a Fromage blanc with its coulis coated by seeds, peanuts, and dried fruit. The recipe seems really simple but Cojean made it really good, I wanted to take another one!

The order

I have tested one of their desserts with Sugar-free Fromage blanc with Granola (what I love) composed of cashed nuts, coconut grading, peanuts, marrow seed, cranberries, and sesame and a layer of fruit syrup (mango for me) deep down, delicious!

Prices are a bit expensive it’s true, but they aren’t that much compared to the quality of the product and the quality of preparation.

Without forgetting the magazine for some reading and voilà!

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