It is not the end of winter yet: 2 outfits ideas

Because during winter too, we don’t lose fashion nor its colors from our sight. Forget black and white in every outfit, every fashion accessory as if it were essential during this season… I have made a selection to find a classy winter outfit.

Let’s begin with pieces of clothes:

Let’s begin with a top that I have chosen, a crop top from Topshop, a pink one with patterns for the price of 32€, not bad, in order to stay under the snow. Then with this crop-top, you must wear a high waist and I’ve chosen a high-waist pair of jeans from Topshop also, for 57€. Then for the shoes, I’ve chosen ankle boots… what could be chicer when you want to combat the winter cold without having your heel on the ground? These are from the website and they are at 40,80€. To finish, a long coat will do the job, this one from House of Celeb will bring colors to the outfit since I have chosen a peachy one. For the price of 170€, you will be prepared for winter without any problem.

Let’s finish with accessories:

For the hands? You won’t be cold! Forget the gloves for this outfit. Yeah, because you can leave the house and be under the snow without wearing gloves, can’t you? To highlight your pretty hands I have chosen a beautiful ring from Asos, a shiny golden one, can’t find better to make your hands stand out from the white snow. For the small price of 10,99€, you can’t be disappointed. What if you left the house without any purse today? For a simple day, a simple coin purse will be enough. A one which fits in the inside pocket of your coat (only if it has one, of course). This Marc Jacobs purse will know how to make you happy for the price of 169,99€ 

This is simple but elegant clothing because I have put together the minimum of an outfit.

Let’s begin with pieces of clothes:

Once again forget lifeless clothes because it is depressing. I have chosen here a really joyful outfit for a really cold winter. With electric colors like the blue one of this coat that comes from Topshop for 130€, you will get noticed on the streets. You can also combine it with pastel colors for the high heels which will marry well with this coat, the detail that changes everything. For the top and against the cold, a pullover will fit perfectly if it is in a sober color such as gray. These details will do the rest, this one is from the brand Topshop and will do its job if it is put with a black skirt: it will be well matched. The loose and street detail that stay chic and classy anyway will remind the style of the bag.

Let’s finish with accessories:

I have chosen only two accessories for this outfit since it is already full of them. First, a small softly blueish scarf from Topshop, once again. This pastel color will be well matched with your shoes to pass a pleasant winter. For the small and cute bag which will end your outfit, I have chosen an Even&Odd one, really discreet for 17€. I haven’t chosen to put tights on this outfit because it would make it too fussy. This skirt and this coat are well matched with naked legs, classier.

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