Summer : what is your tan ?

Tan is super important for a girl, isn’t it? Yes, it is! For me, this year I’ve opted for a natural tan. In my case, it appears really easy on me, this is why I don’t really need many high-yield products. Nonetheless, I have some tips to give you those who live the whole year in a cold part of the Earth.

#1 All the sun on your skin

As you can know, the sun is a dangerous star especially for its UV rays so you must protect you! Sunburns are really dangerous and I guess you know that, but they are not for those who want a perfect tan! In fact, UV rays lead to the aging of your skin and some sunspots which are more darker than the tone of your skin. UV rays also dry your skin and to avoid and prevent that there is a solution.

What’s better than taking products adapted to your skin? I advise you to apply a sunscreen that corresponds to you. It will be different according to your type of skin, if it is dry or greasy, its color, if it has freckles or not, if it tans easily or not and the texture of the sunscreen. They are factors that you have to care about when you buy a sunscreen. Moreover, it will be different depending on where you are on the planet, the SPF has to be low if you are not very confronted with UVs whereas it will be high if you are. It exists four levels of SPF: 6 to 10 for low protection, 15 to 25 for medium protection, 30 to 50 for high protection, 50 and more for very high protection.

#2 Let’s catch the sun

To tan, you have to be under the sun, it’s obvious but that’s not the only thing. I advise you not to be under the sun between 12 p.m and 2 p.m, in this period the sunburns will be easy to catch. If you really want to tan in this period of time, make the shadow your first choice, because yeah, even in the shadow you can tan. Also, it can be obvious but to prevent from having the marks of the sun, you have to change your swimsuit every single day.

In terms of products, suntan oils are here to help you to have the tan of your dreams. Also, for oils, you mustn’t forget the SPF (of 50 for a quick tan and high protection). Creams play the same role as oils, they can help you.

I have tested the cream from the brand Polysianes with Monoï, it helps me to have a natural coloring. The brand has written “fake tanning” on the packaging but don’t panic, it’s not a coloring cream but just a cream. It has the same texture and color of a body cream, it helps to hydrate your skin too. Without mentioning that islands’ smell which can captivate everyone.

To shine, what’s better than the glitters in this oil from Nuxe? Without forgetting to hydrate your hands, quite damaged by the sun and the salt with a special cream, mine is also from Nuxe.

If you want your skin to resist even more the sun, a dietary supplement might be a solution, although I haven’t tested yet they are famous for having carotenoids and so they help to be tanned.

#3 Renew your skin, that is the key

Your skin already got some colors, but it starts to crackle, to be dry and to have some white marks when you pass your nails on it? It means that it need help. Your skin needs to be exfoliated at least once a month, you can also create your own exfoliation 100% natural and (almost) free here without forgetting how to apply it. During summer, it is preferable to use bigger seeds than the rest of the year (except during winter) according to your type of skin. Certainly, you’ll lose some tan with this body scrub but it will permit you to have a  beautiful and uniform tan. After having exfoliated your skin, don’t forget to hydrate your it, it is after this step that your skin will shine under the sun, to get chocolate tint! 

And to have an effect on the inside of your body, what’s better than healthy food? Carrot, parsley, apricot,  mango, melon, spinach, cabbage, sweet potato: all these ingredients (to eat raw or in juice) are rich of antioxidants and permits to slow down the aging of your skin, to keep your youth longer and longer. 

#4 Keep it easy!

To keep your tan longer and longer there aren’t a thousand answers. You have to keep your skin hydrated and to scrub utmost. There is also some “extension treatment” for your tan which permits to keep it until autumn. It can replace your body cream. Without forgetting to put your most beautiful bronzer on your face and you’re ready for summer!

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