The natural, introduced by sleek, in one palette

I adore reviews, isn’t that obvious? Today it is for a cheap and a high-quality palette that I come back. I will speak about the brand Sleek and also present one of their many palettes, it will be about the Dancing Til Dusk Number 027 for eyelids and cheeks. We all have a lot of palettes in our drawer but we did not have enough of it and it’s for this that I have bought this beautiful nude palette which I have already adopted. Natural shades which permit to do some sober and elegant makeup.

Sleek, a sober packaging but not only…

Sleek is a British brand which proposes varied beauty products with unbeatable prices. For lips or eyebrows, these products are well selling and are presents in many blog articles, like it will be the case here. Nevertheless, the brand is not yet really famous and I’m going to help you to know it.

Concerning the cardboard packaging, I will just tell you that it is a banal but a good quality packaging! It is sober but has a touch of color on the top which are the shades of the eyeshadows of the palette, numbered six. 

As small as a hand, this palette has a sober packaging but really elaborated. It is in a matted plastic but the logo is satiny. The packaging is very solid and it opens really easily because the palette has a magnetic opening or locking, really top! Behind it, we can see on a small tag the details of the composition of the palette: the shades of the other palettes of the same brand, the origin, the number etc…

Weighted just only 0,32 ounces, it is really light and small. In this way, you can take it away with you without any problem. However, I think that the external matte packaging can be scratched easily (like every palette but it is not the case of the Naked Smoky of Urban Decay for example)

About its composition, this palette includes two little brushes, it is better than nothing, isn’t it ? Especially if we want to carry it to make-up later, it is not worth to take big brushes and clutter in your bag with this. These brushes are: – a blush brush with flexible hair but quite thick – a double foam endear these eyeshadows.

Sleek pulls out all the tops and even adds a protective film against dust for the eyeshadows and also for the hair of the blush brush. The essential of a palette is present here: the mirror. A large and super elegant mirror to help you to create make-ups for all the occasions. It is a good reason to be satisfied with, isn’t it?

Nude and nude again…

Come on! Let’s speak about colors: for the cheeks just like for the eyes, what is better? The palette’s shades are not new in the entire collection of the brand but also for other palettes, in other brands, they are nude, simply…

These shades are interesting to work, it merges perfectly, no problem. We can find two blushes: a pinky one (which, I think, is the shade PIKIE PINK in single blush) and an orange one (which I think is the shade LIFE’S PEACH in single blush). They can serve as eyeshadow too.

And four other eyeshadows: two in dark brown ( a mat + a glowing one a little bit darker). There is also two very light brown colors : ( a mat, which I qualify it of ‘perfect nude’ + a glow, as a highlighter).

Makeup that we can be realized with this beauty are multiple but especially oriented to simple and light ones. I think that the shades can be worked well, they are not really powdery, that is a good point. On that point, nothing to say again. The shades smell the good quality and not the Chinese factory. Sleek has really invested in order to have good quality.

Let’s swatch!

The pigmentation is not bad at all as you can see (even if we can less see that for the last two swatches, which are too light) but I can guarantee you an amazing result! The lighter shades can be used as a highlighter. BONUS: I find that these shades are perfectly adapted to fall with a rosy blush and another more orangey which is suitable for all the types of complexions, so you must take advantage of it.

Sleek, ‘on fleek’ ?

How can I say that I recommend this brand at 100%? The price-quality ratio is amazing. This is the moment when I have to speak about the price…This beauty palette costs only $15,99 in Amazon, since it is not available in the official website anymore because it is an old collection. 

So there is amazing protection, a surprising packaging, pigmented shades, a large mirror, brushes, a favorable size, shades for eyes and also for cheeks and all in the same palette? Amazing job!

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