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What I do to be cozy!

You often wonder what to do on weekends, when it rains, when it snows and that you don’t want to go outside. A little moment just for a weekend to get your work done, but what we all actually want by this wheater is to chill and take care of ourselves. I have 4 ideas to suggest to you, things that I do and that is according to me the best ways to have a perfect cocooning moment as in fall as in winter.

#1 With your passion

The first thing you might think when you want to do something is to do what you love. Books, drawing, cooking, video games, writing… The thing that makes you smile is the key to spend a good warm time without making your brain exhausted. When it’s cold outside, I like to write, and that’s what I’m currently doing in my bed.

My passion remains shopping, I like to search for the last trends of the most beautiful brands and I like sharing them in an article. I also do photo editing or play my Nintendo… A lot of activities which can make you have a great day at home. Of course, I’m not doing an article to tell you how two be happy but simply what are the things that I do when I want to have a cozy day, a cocooning moment in fall or winter.  

#2 skin care and yoga

Nothing better than having spare time for you to take care of your skin and of your mind. Doing a bit of yoga; to relax yourself and your mind. Different postures to make your mental balance perfect and then, with the softness of a bath and skin care, you’ll be in a great form!

I like, on Sundays, to take care of my skin using my favorite beauty products. An almond body scrub, super exfoliating that you can find in my post there. I always add body cream after my shower, and one of my favorites is Victoria’s Secret. Without forgetting candles in the bathroom.

#3 Netflix and tea

Of course, there can’t be any cocooning moment without a good movie. Netflix and its series, we all love them! I’m used to taking a biscuit and tea. You have always wanted to start a series? It is time to do that! Of course, it’s not about watching 5 episodes in a row, or it won’t be a good time but just a big depression.
In the darkest depth of your plaid, always with lighted candles around you and this is going to be a great night.

#4 Books and candles

Girls and magazines, a real way of life. A soft blanket, a pink candle, candies and will be a good  time. After work, the struggles of the day, the workmate’s bad mood… magazines are waiting for you with opened pages!

In fact, I like skimming magazines and find new trends for the next season and advice. With zen music in the ears: everything I love! You’re free to associate my pieces of advice together or not, for that matter, this is why I do. Hope I gave you ideas for your alone cocooning moments or even to share with a best friend.

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